Pride Linear Concept


Pride Linear Concepts specialises in kitchen architecture, offering locally designed and manufactured bespoke kitchens for a niche clientele. The core focus is on functionality, ensuring a relational kitchen environment. The company was founded in 2012 by Nkosilathi Mkandla after attaining his degree in interior designs, his intention being to produce custom designed kitchens that would meet the functional demands of modern living, while endeavouring to create an experience that would be born and maintained through consistent communication and professional interaction.
The beginnings...
6 years ago l had a vision; that l could offer a different approach to the then standard perspective on local kitchen design. l chose therefore, to ensure that each design was first and foremost functional, ensuring the demands of modern living were met, combined with the need to customise every aspect of the kitchen to suit my clients needs. Only as the years progressed, would l see how important this focus would be in ensuring Pride Linear Concepts could offer a product that would meet the high calling that modern architecture would eventually place on this critical living space. Pride Linear Concepts has always had a strong focus on design, ensuring an authentic interpretation of each and every living space. The last 8 years have seen the country move towards open plan living architecture, with modern design leading the way. because of this, Pride Linear Concepts was poised to take the necessary steps towards establishing ourselves as a serious competitor in the premium segment of the kitchen market.
The turning point...
From his inception in 2012, Pride Linear Concepts operated from the back yard garage of his grand mother's house. This allowed the brand to slowly gain momentum, steadily developing a customised product that would eventually compete head to head with leading local and international brands. 2015 then saw the opening of his factory in selby johannesburg and from there, due to Pride Linear Concepts already established reputation for modern, functional designs and consistent communication throughout the process, we quickly moved into a position of authority and weight in the industry. Due to increased exposure and awareness, more clients were able to see the value in using a local company that was able to offer imported materials, locally manufactured and customised for South African architecture. This was combined with the fact that Pride Linear Concepts was able to offer product and workmanship guarantees along with a personal service call programme never before seen in this country.
The story continues...
Mid year 2017, we launched an entirely new factory partnering with Broc interior designs that would house the latest machinery enabling a manufacturing facility that could produce the entire Pride Linear Concepts product.

Our Vision

Pride Linear Concept vision is to provide service solutions for the widest range of industries and households. We intend to grow across the South African Business landscape and include other countries in South Africa and new regions of development-to stand out as a capable, experienced and innovative leader in the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. We intend robust participation and deep involvement in South Africa and wider Africa economy, upholding the principles of FAIRNESS and living up to demands of COMPETITIVENESS in our stride.


We customize our service to fit the unique requirements of caring for and maintaining healthy working and living environment within the characteristics of the South African Climate.
  1. To help create jobs for our youths
  2. To conduct business in the spirit of our purpose.
  3. Providing the best service.
  4. Achieving customer satisfaction at all times.
  5. Sustaining customer loyalty.
  6. Striving for professionalism, excellence and delivery
  7. Development and Empowerment
  8. Commitment to Black Economic Empowerment and our values
  9. Trustworthiness, Reliability and Responsibility